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April 23rd, 2006


i'm still alive.

finally finished pledging.

a big OOOO-OOOOOP to the devastating divas of the epsilon beta chapter of delta sigma theta sorority, inc!

#12 the unDiSpuTed --- uppercut

March 8th, 2006


i think my life is about to take an interesting turn. i hesitate to be optimistic but i have this feeling bubbling inside of me that makes me hope for the best. i don't know-- i guess i'll see in a few days.

life has been the same otherwise: school, work, and more school. i just got back from the networking weekend in NYC and i had so.much.fun. seriously. i haven't had that much fun at NWW ever. maybe i'll post pictures later but if you really want to see some, my JRF family posted a ton of boob-a-licious FATTY pictures of me on facebook. just click the link under my big question mark.

my grades are sooo good in school right now. 4.0 semester? maybe. maybe not. we'll see. starting off good doesn't necessarily mean i'll end good. besides, it's stressing me out and i think once i hit that burn out point i'll care less and less.

internship offers are good though... so far i've gotten 6: shell, 2 from nike, hp, ge, and unilever. pretty cool i guess. but makes my decision harder i think. plus, they aren't getting me the information i need to make my decision quick enough. so i guess i need to apply the pressure? i don't know. i've never gotten internship offers this serious before.

that's enough of the update. my first real entry in months. fantastico.

February 15th, 2006

my february post

today i met a woman who smelled like something from my childhood. but i couldn't figure out what and that saddened me. i think i am getting old.

working on the project of my life (so far) right now. pray for me/wish me luck/spill some liquor on the curb-- just hope i keep it together long enough to pull it off.

February 1st, 2006

long time no post

yesterday one of the deans from the business school came up to me (completely unprompted!) and said "i've heard some really good things about you, montoya. you are a very impressive young lady."

man like whoa.

do you think i could put that on my resume?

December 27th, 2005


grades are back. i definitely acheived my goal for this semester.

also, my eye is fine. the nerve's not pinched-- it's myopic (narrow and tilted). and it's in both eyes, not just the left. just means that i will be very very near sighted (read: damn near blind) for the rest of my life. all i will say about that is that i hope i never lose my glasses.

December 23rd, 2005

i'm updating

this is going to be an awesome christmas. i was a little worried at first but things are really being taken care of. surprisingly, paul really stepped up and is handling things. we've spent this entire week together shopping, wrapping, and being stupid. it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

otherwise, i've been chilling and worrying about my eye. is it bad that i don't really want to see any of my old friends? this one guy has contacted me numerous times about hanging out and i haven't even responded. bad? yeah i guess so.

i ran into one of my best friends from high school-- she looks really pale, full of makeup, and unbeweaveable. it's weird. she's doing this project popstar thing with beyonce's father so she's steady on the grind. it was nice running in to her and i'm really proud of her for pursuing her dream but i don't know-- made me feel old. i guess i've finally let my sentimentality (is that a word?) towards high school go. made me think that maybe it is time to let some other things go too.

anyway, off to the store to get one last present (a really big one!) for my mom. well, actually, it's paul's present to my mom but whatever. more details on that later.

December 16th, 2005

fall 2005 is now officially over. i guess i did okay-- two As so far (my two MIS classes); still waiting on the other two.

for some reason, something doesn't feel right. like i missed or forgot something. maybe it's because this semester's finals season wasn't as stressful or i didn't go to work today or maybe it's just b/c im tired.

either way, it doesn't matter b/c it's over! trail of lights tonight (yay!) and then back to houston saturday morning. :)

December 8th, 2005

(no subject)

man, school has been cancelled for the past two days due to inclement weather. plus, i can't use my car b/c it has no oil in it. now i don't know what to do with myself.

  • Operations Management Paper-- Monday
  • Database Management Final Exam -- Tuesday
  • Introduction to Marketing Exam -- Wednesday
  • VB.Net Program using Arrays -- Thursday
  • Spring 2006 agenda for BBSA
  • Budget for BBSA
  • VB.Net Final Program using everything I guess -- Monday

not sure how well i did on my marketing exam but at least it is over. i'm ready to do something fun people. finish your midterms so we can party!

December 6th, 2005

i'm updating too much

things due this week:

  • Operations Management Paper-- Monday
  • Database Management Final Exam -- Tuesday
  • Introduction to Marketing Exam -- Wednesday
  • VB.Net Program using Arrays -- Thursday
  • Budget for BBSA
  • Spring 2006 agenda for BBSA
  • VB.Net Final Program using everything I guess -- Monday

so far, so good. i got a perfect score (well over a perfect score since i got the bonus-- *thank you for the SQL help*) on that ASP assignment i worked so hard on saturday. i also kicked ASP ass on the exam today. go me!

now just have to take that stupid marketing test. if you can't tell, i don't feel like studying for it which is why i did my VB.Net program a few days early. it's also why i'm on LJ right now.

things will feel so good once this week is over.

December 3rd, 2005

man i totally had something post-worthy happen to me yesterday but i can't remember it.

after a long night of doing hw and playing sexual predator/prey on the internet (ahahaha), i woke up early this morning to continue the hw. so from 9:30am to 6:30pm i was in the millenium lab typing out ASP code and being a nerd. my entire body hurts now and i'm hungry.

i guess the only real news i have to report is that i got glowing reviews yesterday during my employee evaluation. my boss said i'm one of the few PAs (peer advisors) that he has no worries about and he wants me to start considering being a supervisor. it's awesome b/c like i said-- i love my job but i think i've already signed up for too much next semester.

i've already signed up to be a LEAP mentor and a brass ring participant. i'll also be continuing as president of BBSA and a mentor for the terry foundation. i'm waiting to hear back about being the TA for business programming (mis 304) and i want to start volunteering and other things. not to mention the job i already have. adding anything more would be stupid.

right now i just need to take a deep breath and wait for the semester to end.

"i don't know you! that's my purse!" lol i love king of the hill :)
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