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grades are back. i definitely acheived my goal for this semester.

also, my eye is fine. the nerve's not pinched-- it's myopic (narrow and tilted). and it's in both eyes, not just the left. just means that i will be very very near sighted (read: damn near blind) for the rest of my life. all i will say about that is that i hope i never lose my glasses.
  • myopia?

    what happened?
    • Re: myopia?

      man, doc, you had me scared for a good three hours. i think i've read everything on the web related to myopia and myopic degeneration. but it's all good. i guess i'll find out soon enough if it's pathologic?

      anyway, glad to hear things are going so well in PHARM school!! keep doing it big. you know we're all waiting on you so we can retire and live off your fortune and fame. well, at least i am ;)

      love yas!
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