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long time no post

long time no post

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yesterday one of the deans from the business school came up to me (completely unprompted!) and said "i've heard some really good things about you, montoya. you are a very impressive young lady."

man like whoa.

do you think i could put that on my resume?
  • Yeah, under "Other:"

    "Given props by the dean of my business school."
  • It may call for a letter of recommendation, at best.

    I don't get to put on my resume when Rick said that, if he could, he would clone me, unfortunately.

    But damn well congratulations, nonetheless! It's not every day that a Dean comes up to you, unprompted, to say good things about you.
    • haha i wouldn't actually put in on my resume. i was just kidding! i hadn't posted in a month so i thought i would write something and that's all i could think of. but thanks :)
  • That's really awesome. Whether or not anything comes of it, at least you can say that you were appreciated by the dean of one of the best business schools in the country!

    You ARE a very impressive young lady.

    • dear brother from another mother,

      you leave the best comments ever. i'm so glad we are lj/facebook/apt complex friends! LoL but seriously i only posted about it since i hadn't updated in a while :)
  • (Anonymous)
    He was probably staring at your rack the entire time. :-P
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