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Your Geniusness

bad people don't come from West U

bad people don't come from West U

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man i totally had something post-worthy happen to me yesterday but i can't remember it.

after a long night of doing hw and playing sexual predator/prey on the internet (ahahaha), i woke up early this morning to continue the hw. so from 9:30am to 6:30pm i was in the millenium lab typing out ASP code and being a nerd. my entire body hurts now and i'm hungry.

i guess the only real news i have to report is that i got glowing reviews yesterday during my employee evaluation. my boss said i'm one of the few PAs (peer advisors) that he has no worries about and he wants me to start considering being a supervisor. it's awesome b/c like i said-- i love my job but i think i've already signed up for too much next semester.

i've already signed up to be a LEAP mentor and a brass ring participant. i'll also be continuing as president of BBSA and a mentor for the terry foundation. i'm waiting to hear back about being the TA for business programming (mis 304) and i want to start volunteering and other things. not to mention the job i already have. adding anything more would be stupid.

right now i just need to take a deep breath and wait for the semester to end.

"i don't know you! that's my purse!" lol i love king of the hill :)
  • Why did you write "bad people don't come from West U"? That's rather random. Not that I disagree; I, myself, come from West U (formally Southside Place).
    • oh it's from my night of "playing sexual predator/prey on the internet" i guess it's an inside joke kind of thing. :)
  • hooray for kicking ass in spades!!!

    are you going to come visit us over the winter break?
    • yes we rock! the lastduck and markelpower00 suck!!

      and yeah i'll come visit during winter break but i won't be in houston for long. maybe you guys should come visit me in austin!
      • how many people can you cram into your apartment?
        • uh well it's a 1 bedroom but i can fit as many as i want i guess. are you considering it?
          • I dunno. I have a feeling it'd be really crammed. And it would have to be during the month of december because I go back to schoool jan 2. and the boys don't get home till the 16th or somewhere close to there...so that's probably a no.

            but it's nice to hope.
            • aww that's too bad. it would have been nice to have someone besides my family and paul come visit. :(

              oh well. i'll still see u guys in h-town.
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