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Your Geniusness

man, school has been cancelled for the past two days due to inclement…

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man, school has been cancelled for the past two days due to inclement weather. plus, i can't use my car b/c it has no oil in it. now i don't know what to do with myself.

  • Operations Management Paper-- Monday
  • Database Management Final Exam -- Tuesday
  • Introduction to Marketing Exam -- Wednesday
  • VB.Net Program using Arrays -- Thursday
  • Spring 2006 agenda for BBSA
  • Budget for BBSA
  • VB.Net Final Program using everything I guess -- Monday

not sure how well i did on my marketing exam but at least it is over. i'm ready to do something fun people. finish your midterms so we can party!
  • my school wants to get sued- because the didn't salt the sidewalks. and they can't close the school because it's finals week. everyone is walking with their arms out for balance so when they slip, they don't fall.

    I've been walking in the snowy/muddy grass because I'm tired of slipping and sliding on the pavement (I've done it atleast 15 times today).

    salt can't be that expensive.
    • omg i couldnt imagine walking on that. the stairwells in my apartment were all iced over and i thought i as going to have a heart attack walking down them.

      u should slip a little and then sue :)
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