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Your Geniusness

i'm updating

i'm updating

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this is going to be an awesome christmas. i was a little worried at first but things are really being taken care of. surprisingly, paul really stepped up and is handling things. we've spent this entire week together shopping, wrapping, and being stupid. it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

otherwise, i've been chilling and worrying about my eye. is it bad that i don't really want to see any of my old friends? this one guy has contacted me numerous times about hanging out and i haven't even responded. bad? yeah i guess so.

i ran into one of my best friends from high school-- she looks really pale, full of makeup, and unbeweaveable. it's weird. she's doing this project popstar thing with beyonce's father so she's steady on the grind. it was nice running in to her and i'm really proud of her for pursuing her dream but i don't know-- made me feel old. i guess i've finally let my sentimentality (is that a word?) towards high school go. made me think that maybe it is time to let some other things go too.

anyway, off to the store to get one last present (a really big one!) for my mom. well, actually, it's paul's present to my mom but whatever. more details on that later.
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