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Your Geniusness



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i think my life is about to take an interesting turn. i hesitate to be optimistic but i have this feeling bubbling inside of me that makes me hope for the best. i don't know-- i guess i'll see in a few days.

life has been the same otherwise: school, work, and more school. i just got back from the networking weekend in NYC and i had so.much.fun. seriously. i haven't had that much fun at NWW ever. maybe i'll post pictures later but if you really want to see some, my JRF family posted a ton of boob-a-licious FATTY pictures of me on facebook. just click the link under my big question mark.

my grades are sooo good in school right now. 4.0 semester? maybe. maybe not. we'll see. starting off good doesn't necessarily mean i'll end good. besides, it's stressing me out and i think once i hit that burn out point i'll care less and less.

internship offers are good though... so far i've gotten 6: shell, 2 from nike, hp, ge, and unilever. pretty cool i guess. but makes my decision harder i think. plus, they aren't getting me the information i need to make my decision quick enough. so i guess i need to apply the pressure? i don't know. i've never gotten internship offers this serious before.

that's enough of the update. my first real entry in months. fantastico.
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