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Your Geniusness



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i'm still alive.

finally finished pledging.

a big OOOO-OOOOOP to the devastating divas of the epsilon beta chapter of delta sigma theta sorority, inc!

#12 the unDiSpuTed --- uppercut
  • you joined a sororiety?
    • yep :)
      • I guess I have a skewed version of sororities. At my school (none of which are national) it's almost like this made up rivalry for who can drink and have sex the most.
        Last year, one of the sororieties got mono. All of them. Gross.
        • LOL black greek (NPHC) versus traditionally white greek (NPC) is completely different. it's a lifetime committment (activities don't stop with graduation), we do a TON of community service, and it's a national org.

          i'm not sure how to explain it but it's not like the stereotypical sorority. blacks take greek life VERY seriously :)

  • Wow Montoya congratulations I had no idea that you wanted to be a Delta. I'm glad you made it girl!!!
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